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Why do traditional HRIS performance management tools not work?

Because managers need to know what to do with the data

There is nothing worse than asking employees for survey data and then having managers do nothing with the data

Challenges of Traditional HRIS Performance Management Tools

  • Managers aren't trained in why the tool is being used, diminishing response rates from employees
  • When data is collected and shared with the managers, managers aren't trained in what the data means or what to do with the data, so response rates from employees diminish
  • Managers are busy so asking them to sift through a "knowledge base" of helpful tips based on the data that comes in does not actually lead to them doing anything with the direct reports with the data, even if the knowledge-based was curated for them using artificial intelligence.
  • When managers don't do anything with the data that has been requested of them from the direct reports, the direct reports become frustrated and disengaged
  • When employees don't complete the regular surveys, the performance management tools are rendered useless because there is no data to review

How AIM Insights Solves these Challenges

  • All managers are trained and onboarded in a live training coordinated with the host company
  • All managers receive custom walk-throughs with an executive coach of their team's data every month with the executive coach providing guidance for each direct report a manager is in charge of
  • Managers receive unlimited email coaching to help guide them as they encounter challenges and roadblocks with their direct reports
  • When managers have effective 1:1's with their direct reports based on the data their direct reports are submitting, response rates increase and stay high, creating immense value and tracking for the company


  • Increased employee retention and satisfaction
  • Enhanced productivity and goal achievement
  • Improved work-life balance 
  • Streamlined communication
  • Seamless accountability
  • Greater transparency between you and your direct reports 
  • Zero prep time performance reviews
  • Alignment between employee goals and organizational goals
  • Monthly personalized tips on your team from an executive coach

Get ahead of performance and morale issues

“We (my executive team and I) were looking at the tool and were taken back at the feedback we were receiving. People were willing to reveal more in your tool than they were when chatting with them face-to-face.
We were impressed with the fact that we could have a deeper discussion with our team members based on the data and have already seen our team’s morale improve because the team feels like their individual goals are now aligned with the goals we are working towards as a company.”

Burt Tellier, VP of North West Rubber

Why choose AIM Insights?

Gap Analysis

Closing the perception gap between what a manager thinks of his/her direct reports and what they think of themselves is critical to helping that manager understand where they need to create clarity for their direct reports

Goals Report

Giving your managers insight into what their direct reports think they need to be focused on can help managers alter and adjust their direct reports' paths so direct reports don't waste time due to miscommunication

The goals report also helps managers overcome subjectivity and recency bias when reviewing their direct reports because they will have a full understanding of everything their direct reports have been working on over the time period being reviewed

Org Chart View

Providing managers (and the organization) access to skip level teams down through an organization can help leaders higher in the org chart pinpoint where challenges might be existing and on which specific teams

Communication Templates

Guiding managers with their 1:1's with their direct reports is a core component of AIM Insights and one of the biggest benefits the tool provides are guides to managers on how to have an effective 1:1 and what questions to ask each direct report based on each direct reports' circumstances

Increase Direct Report Satisfaction

“At first I was a little nervous getting started (using AIM Insights) because I didn't know how my team would receive the survey. But after using the tool, I am learning so much more about my team that I didn't know from our previous 1:1 conversations and it is helping me connect with my team on a deeper level."

Kari Ardalan, Vice President of Scaled Success at Zendesk

We have the answers to your questions.

What is the first step to getting started using AIM Insights?

Book a demo with our team so we can better understand your goals for your managers and how we can help

If there is alignment, we will schedule a live kickoff training with all of your managers to walk them through the tool and how the tool works

How do you implement it?

AIM Insights can integrate with most HRIS platforms so implementing the tool can work seamlessly with your current processes

Direct reports are sent regular monthly reminders with surveys for them to complete and based on their responses managers are coached by executive coaches on the Ambition In Motion team to help them understand the data that was collected and provide guidance on how to have an effective 1:1 meeting with each direct report

Are there limits to the number of direct reports or managers I can have using the tool?

There are no limits to the number of managers and direct reports using the tool.

What does the 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee actually mean?

It truly means that if you aren't satisfied with using AIM Insights in any way for any reason at all within the first 60 days of using the tool, your money will be returned to you, no questions asked

Do you offer support?

AIM Insights provides unlimited email executive coaching guidance and monthly coaching videos customized for each manager from executive coaches

Can I stop using the tool anytime I would like?

Of course! You can start and stop using the tool whenever you like.

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Executive coaching results at software prices